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From our Group Leaders

“We enjoyed a fair bit of discussion, but the most meaningful aspect of the evenings was when we prayed for one another and God revealed Himself through the gifts of the Spirit. Our leader emphasized often that this was a safe place to PRACTISE these gifts and people really seemed to open up and feel safe to do so.”

“It was good to see the Spirit of God manifesting His Gifts though so many willing and sometimes surprised people. It was fun.”

“Listening prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to speak was a new experience for most of the participants in our group, but everyone really loved it. When we wrapped up the study, a consistent theme that everyone shared was how 50DITS has helped them grow in their awareness of the Holy Spirit. One group member also shared that although she has prayed for several years to receive her prayer language, she received it in the last week of 50DITS.”

“This fellow in my group has been coming for over half a year now, knows his Bible, has been baptized with the Holy Spirit previously and can speak in tongues. However when we had the listening prayer lesson, he had never done that before and I led him in that prayer one-on-one. He was emotionally moved and the group could see him physically shaking and desperately trying to hold back tears. When he met with Jesus, Jesus told him that He loves him so very much, no matter what anyone else thinks of him. This was good but when we got to the gift giving part things got confusing because Jesus said he wanted “your life” as the gift but the guy was confused because he is already a Christian so how can he give his life again? I encouraged him to go home that night and try again, to see if he could clarify what Jesus was saying. That’s exactly what he did; the next morning he met with Jesus and realized he had to re-commit himself to Jesus. When he asked what the gift was, Jesus said, ‘I am,’ and when he asked what now? Jesus told him, ‘Trust Me.’ Afterwards the home group member said he felt renewed, which he hasn’t felt since he first became a Christian and was baptized in the Spirit. Praise God for loving the lost and bringing life!”

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