Curriculum Downloads

Small Group Videos

A key component of the week’s lesson is the teaching video. The topic is introduced through a personal story (1-2 minutes) and then further developed by teaching from Pastor Mark Hughes (7-8 minutes). The teaching points correspond with a fill-in-the-blank section in that week’s lesson in the Study Guide.

You may freely use these videos for your church or small group – download options are available once you get to each video from our Vimeo Portfolio by clicking on the image below.


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Small Group Lesson Structure

Each lesson video launches with a personal testimony and then transitions to Pastor Mark for the main points to start the group discussion. Ideally, these teaching points will serve as further building points from each weekend’s sermon.

Group leaders are also encouraged to include a worship element of their choice each week, as well as any hospitality/group care details.

The group discussion flows from the Study Guides (and corresponding Leader Guides), with Scriptures to look up and discuss, points of sharing from personal experience, a key verse for the lesson, an Activation activity and Holy Spirit@Home thoughts for the week.

The Activation activities are where individuals get to respond by stepping out—in the safety of a group that understands this is a growing process—to practise what has been taught.

These are incredible opportunities to experience how the Holy Spirit both ministers to us and uses us to minister to others. The group members may be at different levels of comfort with these activities, but as the weeks progress, the chance to observe these things in action in those who do step out serves to disarm fears and affirm that they, too, can walk in these things.

Small Group Leader Resources

The 50 Days in the Spirit Leader Guide includes supplementary material to help prepare group leaders with both a working background knowledge of the subjects covered as well as a quick-reference resource for questions that may come up. This downloadable book file includes:

  • Answer key for the Study Guide’s video notes section
  • Suggested answers or clarification of questions
  • Instructions for Activation activities
  • Ideas for worship elements
  • Tips for managing group time
  • Training notes with extended Bible teaching about the Holy Spirit

There are also corresponding videos of the main training sessions as they were initially presented at Church of the Rock.  See more