Celebration Service

God was profoundly at work in our congregation through the 50 Days in the Spirit campaign, and we wanted to provide a setting for expressing our thanks and praise through testimony and worship and giving time for the continued moving of the Holy Spirit in our weekend gathering.

By including ministry/prayer stations, we were able to provide another opportunity for individuals to step out in using or experiencing the Gifts of the Spirit – this time in a setting larger than their small groups. We also felt it was important to bring the experience closer to those in the congregation who had not been able to participate in the groups during the campaign.

NOTE: In order to navigate our church calendar we chose to do a Celebration Service on the seventh weekend (condensing the themes for lessons 6 & 7 into one sermon on week 6), but ideally the celebration could happen after the 7 weeks have been completed. 

  • Celebration Service Outline (sample from Church of the Rock, Oct. 24/25, 2016)
  • see “Stories” page to see the testimony videos we used at our Celebration Service at Church of the Rock

These were the banners we used to create “stations” in our sanctuary for the various ministry moments: