We have seen tremendous benefits from interacting with key discipleship concepts at a churchwide level. The word “campaign” helps describe this intentional focus and alerts the congregation to the fact that we are asking for their attention and involvement in an out-of-the-ordinary way for a period of time.



  • Ongoing prayer is a vital foundation, as it is with any kingdom endeavour.
  • The visible support of a church’s Senior Pastor/Eldership will lead the way for “buy-in” from the congregation members.
  • Establish a campaign chairperson and enough team members to manage the various components of planning, preparing supplies and technical items, navigating communication with the congregation and training and supporting the small groups.
  • Prepare your congregation for all ministries to participate exclusively in the campaign material during the campaign dates and then return to their regular ministry season plans afterward. (This includes children, youth, home groups, women’s/men’s groups, etc.)

Organizing Your Campaign

Sample Timeline for Leader Training, Launch and Admin (click for PDF file)

50DITS Timeline in year context

What Worked for Us

  • Investing in Leaders – the training sessions leading up to the campaign were just as important as the event itself.
  • Purposefully including personal stories from a variety of people – this helps address fears and reinforce the sense of “if they can, I can too.”
  • Having a pastor available for Q&A Sessions after the sermons – gave people a chance to dig deeper right away rather than going home and losing their questions.
  • Creating waves of anticipation for the campaign using visuals, testimonies and various modes of communication to the congregation – every point of contact serves to inspire involvement.
  • Celebration Service – celebrating what God has done provided another opportunity for people to step out in using or experiencing the Gifts of the Spirit. This service also brought the experience closer to those in the congregation who had not participated in the groups during the campaign.

We would love to connect with you to discuss how this could work in your church context. Please direct inquiries to Pastor Aubrey Krahn – (phone: 204-261-0070).