Any time God’s people invite the Holy Spirit to take leadership of their lives we see the Church revived. We pray more powerfully, live more victoriously and touch our world with His grace like never before.

50 Days in the Spirit will be an encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit like many have never experienced. Church-wide, campus-wide, generation-wide … this ride is for everyone. Through weekend sermons, video teaching and small group encounters, you will learn to live in and walk in God’s Spirit.

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The resources you find on this site are offered freely for church use.

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“50 Days in the Spirit: The Church Ignited” was developed by the ministry team at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and launched as a churchwide campaign in the fall of 2015. The material you see here on this site has been revised through our experience of taking our congregation through this campaign.

What do you mean by “campaign”?

Let’s Talk

We would be so pleased to talk with you about how to use 50 Days in the Spirit in your church and to answer any questions you may have.  Please direct inquiries to Pastor Aubrey Krahn – (phone: 204-261-0070).